Communication at Home And parenT-Toddler

Everyday Regulation

*Data collection began in May 2022 and is ongoing.
If you are a parent or caregiver of a 12–35-month-old toddler and are interested in participating, click the Participate button for more information!

Project Description

The CHATTER Project is a study of the factors that contribute to everyday communication and emotion socialization processes between parents and their one- and two-year-old toddlers. We aim to recruit an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse sample of toddlers and their families. The study includes daylong audio-recordings of parent-toddler emotional and verbal communication, a qualitative interview or parents’ emotion socialization beliefs, goals, and practices, and parent-report measures of toddler characteristics (i.e., temperament, language ability), parent characteristics (e.g., stress, mental health symptoms, emotion regulation), and parenting behaviors.


Toddler Development and Language Environment

*Data collection is completed. Transcription, coding, and data analysis for this project are ongoing.

Project Description

The TodDLE Project was a small pilot study that used wearable audio-recording technology to collect daylong samples of emotional and verbal communication between 25 one-year-olds and their parents. The study also collected video-recordings of brief parent-toddler interactions (free play, clean up, dressing, and a toy removal challenge), as well as parent report on toddler temperament, toddler language ability, and parent stress.